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    Abandoning VZW for AT&T and the Tilt -- thanks for all your help over the years

    After eight years with Verizon, I'm making the jump. I owned an i700 and an i730 (and have been part of this forum since 2003), but the delay with the i760 (and a few other VZW customer service mishaps) forced me to try out the Tilt, and I have to say, I am highly impressed with both the device and the network. HSDPA (which works for me, since I'm in NYC) is fantastic; I love the simultaneous combination of voice and data, and the speed blows away EV-DO (at least Rev0). Also, I have traveled to a few different cities and even went to a farm in upstate New York this weekend and still had good coverage. The network is definitely improving, and I like the ability to go international easily if need be.

    As far as the Tilt goes, it's hard to argue with built-in GPS, 128/256 MB of memory, scroll wheel, more hard buttons, good button placement and a 3 MP camera.

    Thanks to everyone who's made the last four years much easier and more fun as I tweaked and hacked my phones. This is one of the strongest communities I've ever been a part of, and I will miss it. Maybe we'll see each other again with the next device...

    And, NO, I do NOT work for AT&T. I'm just being honest.

    -- Paul

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    Why is this post in the i760 forum? ROFL OK, congrats...............

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