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    Now this is how you do a Software Beta Program

    Unlike HTC and many other companies that think they know it all.

    Check out this beta program from these guys.

    Announcing the Logitech® SlimServer 7.0 Find ‘em Contest! - Slim Devices : Community : Forums

    First prize to who finds the most bugs wins a Transporter !!

    A transport is a $2000.00 component !!!

    Slimdevices is a Logitech company by the way.

    I would dread this guys job to manage it all fairly but they definitely have the right spirit.

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    I personally would like to get an incentive for being a beta tester as opposed to winning a prize for finding the most problems. After all, what is a problem to some may be a feature or expected behavior to others. Plus, there could be one big problem as opposed to many small ones. It might take weeks to identify the root cause of one, whereas minutes will be spent debugging the others. Still, anything is better than what HTC has done, if you can even say they did anything short of fixing the 2.09 problems.

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    I think it's a step in the right direction!

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