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    Verizon Users - if you've been getting spam as text messages....

    report it to Verizon. Just to let you know, I know of at least three persons who use Verizon Wireless for cellular service that have been receiving spam text messages. I received 1; my spouse received 2; and one of the representatives from Verizon corporate headquarters received at least 1. They need to know that this is happening. Each message has been from what appears to be different email addresses. In the body is a salutation from a person who is different in every case. The one thing that makes them related is they are all pushing the same stock, UTEI, to be purchased. I recommend if you have seen or see one of these in the future let Verizon know so hopefully they can do something to stop it.

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    thanks for the info. Has not happened to me, although I keep getting an 877 number calling me. When I finally answered it, no one was on the other line? :dunno:

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