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    How do I connect to a DSL connection with Bluetooth on P800?

    How to connect to your internet DSL connection through Bluetooth on your P800: <ol><li>Download this Java browser and install it on your P800 http://www.reqwireless.com/webviewer.html .</li>
    <li>Set up your bluetooth connection on your PC and P800. Make sure that the bluetooth icon on your P800 shows that you're connected. </li>
    <li>Open the reqwireless WebViewer while you're connected to bluetooth and VOILA, off you go surfing the web for free. Normally when you use the WebViewer you should see a GPRS icon at the bottom of your phone, but now you don't, which means you're surfing the web through bluetooth and your PC's internet connection! </li></ol>

    Try this little trick out folks, and let me know if it works for you too!

    To make it work with the built-in browser you need to delete your INTERNET ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

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    I've tried this using Opera and it works

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