Go to Sony Ericsson. Then select P800, and WAP Configurator. It will walk you through the configuration, and then send the settings your phone via an SMS message.

If that doesn't work for you, the following may help:

Navas - settings for GPRS

From opheim.com - I just published the wap/mail/gprs/mms settings for the two norwegian operators, Telenor and Netcom, on my site. The explanation is in norwegian, but the settings are done on my P800 running english software, so they should be understandable. The WAP-settings for Netcom allows non-restrictive data, the Telenor settings I'm not sure of, since I haven't tested them yet. Netcoms WAP-account does not work for email, so you need a normal data-account for that, but it works fine for surfing html-content. As I have stated on my site (in norwegian) Netcom is currently running a closed beta testing of their MMS service, so I'm not allowed to publish the settings yet. I'll put them up as soon as we go public.

Opheim.com GPRS
Opheim.com WAP
Opheim.com MMS
Opheim.com Email

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