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Thread: P800 Problems

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    Angry P800 Problems

    Hi everyone,

    I was wandering if anyone else has had similar problems to me. I bought my P800 last April through Orange (UK) and I am now on my 3rd replacement phone.

    1) The first one's keypad stopped working because one of the plastic tabs broke off. A week later the phone stopped working- when I pressed the on button the phone gave its normal vibrate alert then refused to start. Phoned Orange and they gave me a replacement.

    2) The second phone after a month- the screen stopped being touch responsive making it in effect. Couldn't write anything or use the keypad- just switch it on. Phoned Orange and they have me a replacement

    3) After a couple of months with this phone, the same problem with the keypad occured and one of the plastic tabs keeping the keypad in place broke off. Phone Orange, and after much difficulties getting them to understand- they sent me out a keypad replacement. Orange wanted me to replace the whole phone again and Sony Ericsson when I phoned them up said for me to just buy a new one. In the end I didn't pay for it.

    4) Although the phone sometimes crashed for no reasons- the phone was fine for a while. Yesterday it stopped working again (similar to point 1) I started the phone this morning and it said it had an internal error and had to reformat the internal drive and so scrubbing everything!

    I am at my wits end with this phone. It is a good phone in what it offers, but it keeps breaking. Surely I am not alone in this? It is very frustrating that the P800 is not very reliable in terms of syncronizing it with a PC as well. I know Sony Ericson have had problems with this as they said that on the phone to me. I wasn't able to back up everything. Also the phone doesn't store calender info on the sony memory card so that is lost.

    It would be good to hear if any of you have had similar problems. I know some of these design features have been fixed on the P900- but I am now stuck with the P800. Sony Ericson have replied to a complaint that I sent to them saying that they have not had many problems with the P800 and certainly not of the ones I complained about. I refuse to believe this!

    Look forward to hearing from you all.

    Best wishes,

    Ian Gray

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    Unhappy Similar problems

    I've also had a problem with my P800 where it just turned off for no reason. When I tried to turn it on all I got was a vibration and nothing further. After four weeks of Sony Ericsson trying to repair it I have been given a replacement phone.

    Problem now is that my IMEI number has changed and I have to try to get new registration keys for all my software.

    I'm also very annoyed with SE that they seem to be unwilling to offer a firmware upgrade for the P800 to fix obvious bugs and provide the same level of functionality as the P900.

    I was considering upgrading to a P900 in the future but think I may return to the reliability of Nokia for my next phone.

    The phone is good but support and reliability is terrible...

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