I am a former owner of QCP-6035. Even though I liked it in general, there were some features that were cumbersome. I hated the backlight which was made the text unreadable in normal room lighting conditions. In complete dark, it looked good though. I also thought the unit was a bit bulky, and not suitable to carry around in the belt. One-hand navigation wasn't easy, but the voice dial function was great. Ringer wasn't loud enough but you could download custom ringer which is awesome. Speakerphone is good. The charger was nice and small and portable and the sync cradle is separate. I recently bought a leather cover which left the keypad unprotected and the jog dial unusable because the hole in the leather wasn't in the exact position.

So with these things in mind, I went ahead and bought a Samsung I300 color pda phone. Here are my thoughts about it. The color screen is quite good but nowhere as good as say, a Sony Clie. It is smaller than a 6035 but the buttons on the side are easily depressed while holding it up against the ear. It'll get smudged easily while you are talking. There's no keypad, but you can use your finger for on-screen dialer easily. There are ONLY 20 voice dial entries that you can program. Ringers are loud and clear but you can't download and customize them. Some functions such as a log of incoming/outgoing calls are cumbersome to access. The charger and sync cradle is one large unit that you probably wouldn't want to carry in your briefcase when travelling. The contacts for charging at the bottom of the phone look flimsy and could easily break/bend unlike the Kyocera which has a sold round hole for your charger. Battery life is a little less than Kyocera, but you do get TWO batteries.

Overall, now that I have the Samsung, I and starting to miss my Kyocera. If only Kyocera had used normal backlighting instead of reverse backlighting! I even downloaded the hacks to reverse the backlighting but they made the normal text harder to read because it got reversed too (white became black and black became white.)

Has anyone else had the chance to compare the two phones? Which one do you like best? Is there any cure for Kyocera backlighting to make it behave like every other cell phone in the world?

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