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Thread: Thread Sorting?

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    Thread Sorting?

    I have notice when looking at the messages that they are not sorted...nor do they appear to be sortable.

    My newly posted message went after a 2001 posting and a March 20, 2002 posting was on the top.

    Que Pasa?

    Love the resource, hope I can contribute to it's success.

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    You're going to have to be a little more specific.

    I've just completed a search of all your posts and they all appear to be in correct posting order to me. All posts are filed at the end of the thread. The post that starts a thread is listed first and each successive post if listed under that.

    If you've got a specific thread that appears to be in error I'd appreciate your pointing specifically to that thread. I bet the mods here would as well.

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    I also couldn't find any posts like you mentioned... please post a link to a specific thread and I'll be able to research any problem.

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    I've seen what he is talking about. Some threads were linked to others, and it would appear to be out of order. Like a newbie's post was the first, then tomorrow it would be at the bottom of an old thread. I mentioned this was confusing to new people before. I don't see any of those linked threads today, and I don't see the buttons at the bottom where you could link them with others anymore.

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