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Thread: Using this site

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    Using this site

    I have not figured out how to view just the new messages in an effecient manner. When I come into the site, I hit the "View new Posts" but it shows me the entire thread if a new message has been added. I'd rather have just the new message with a link to view the entire thread if I can't recall what people are talking about.

    How do others do this?

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    From http://www.qcp6035.com/ click on discussion, then on the left, the titles are underlined, meaning they can be clicked on also, you can view the entire site that way....and welcome..

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    After you click on the thread, click on the link at the top that says "Go to the first unread post." This should move you down to the first new post of that thread.


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    Another approach:

    1. Once on the forum click on "View New Posts". BTW: I've got a suggestion into the mods to turn this link into a button with a little more size to it.

    2. Once you see the list of new posts you should be able to see the thread titles and just to the left of each one is a link button which to me looks like an upside down lightbulb. If you click on this link (hover a second and I believe it tells you it's "go to last post" or something similar. You may need to scroll up a little to find where you left off, but that's lots easier (IMHO) than all that scrolling down from the top.

    3. When you're through with the thread simply hit your back button and you should be back at the list of threads with new posts.

    A previous post says to hit the upside down lightbulb at the top after you've open the thread. I found that cumbersome because when you get through and then hit the back button you first go back to the top of the thread you're reading. It takes another back button to get back to the list of new posts. Sorry, I'm a little lazy and like to cruise at warp speed.

    Another little trick I stumbled on has to do with returning to the list of new posts after you've posted a reply. Instead of doing multiple back buttons I just use the link to the forum front page and then hit the "View New Posts" link. Saves a ton of time and frustration.

    Anybody learned any other tricks since the new format went up?

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    Thanks all. I now do the "view new" and pick the last message on that list with the down arrow (what hatman calls the upside down light bulb).

    Then I move from thread to thread by doing next thread followed by the down arror.

    One more question: after I'm done, I do "mark all as read" but is there a timing window in there?

    I guess the other side of the question is, how do I mark a message or a thread as read?

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