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Thread: "best of" list

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    "best of" list

    I just got my 6035 phone and I was looking around trying to find a list of the "just gotta have" stuff for it. I read the "grail" message but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Does anyone have a list of apps no one should be without?

    Or perhaps a list of the "best of class" application in each catagory?

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    Try doing a search for "nice programs" since they have been discussed previously. Also, if you go to the Handheld Computing Magazine site and click on the "Best Products of 2001" it should give you a pretty good idea.
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    Re: "best of" list

    [quote:90ca41e93d][i:90ca41e93d]Originally posted by dtingley [/i:90ca41e93d]
    [B]Does anyone have a list of apps no one should be without?

    Or perhaps a list of the "best of class" application in each catagory?

    Dave [/quote:90ca41e93d]


    I'll give it a shot because some of the apps in previously posted lists have been superceded:

    1. Datebk5 - This is a must have replacement for the Date Book app. Too much to talk about here. Do a search at PalmGear to find it. There are newsgroups focused on this app so lots of information out there about it. This update released the 7th of May so it's really fresh and cured a lot of ills.

    2. Big Clock - gotta be able to keep track of time.

    3. BugMe! - free-hand note taker with alarms, etc.

    4. X-Master for controlling hacks

    A. ClockPop hack - I don't wear a watch because with this and the clock on the phone side I'm covered.

    B. MiddleCaps hack - gives you much better control of capital letters in grafitti.

    C. SwitchHack - allows you to easily switch between apps and also can let you pick from a list of the last 10 apps used. MUST HAVE!

    5. Builder Calc - basic calculator and lots of features for contractors of just the weekend woodworker.

    6. jFile - Database app that lets you easily build a database and add data.

    7. QuickOffice - integrates with MS Word and Excel from the desktop. Allows you to carry and use those important docs and spreadsheets on the '35.

    8. YAPS - Yet Another PassWord Saver. Nuff said. Really encrypts stuff so it won't get stolen if you lose your '35.

    9. Check List - just what it says. Found at PalmGear.

    10. ShopList - one of my personal favorites. You should see the looks I get as I walk through the grocery store with my '35 and the flip open. Yes, I've actually had to show it to a few folks and they get big eyed!

    11. OmniRemote - super remote control for Palm and the '35. I've just upgraded to OmniRemote Pro and it's really terrific.

    12. Filez - terrific for checking in on what's on your '35 and super for deleation of unwanted apps and files.

    13. Minute Counter - If you haven't picked this up yet you need to right away. It is absolutely the BEST app for tracking your phone usage. It's by Rick Whitt and the price is very right - $0. Find it on PalmGear.

    14. Blazer is my browser and I have lots of PQAs.

    15. I use ThinAir for e-mail. It's now owned by Palm.

    16. Two games: HeliRescue and Rally1000. If you've never seen Vexed you need to try it too.

    I could go on, but that's the real short list.

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    Also checkout the top lists at www.palmgear.com to see what's popular.
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    Thanks, that's a great start.


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