THe new 7135 fourm is different from the others in these ways:

7135 forums - allow last post deletion
All other forums - do not allow last post deletion

7135 forums - allow guest posting
All other forums - do not allow guest posting

I liek the way the 7135 forum is, so can we make the others the same? I think that while it's agervating to accidently post as a guest because you did not login (I have yet to do this though, I told the board to remember I am logged in always), it's noce to allow those to post that don't want to bother registering.

And since the board is causing dupliacte posts (due to erroneous, missleading error messages), it would be benifical to be able to go back and delete your duplicate post.

Just a thought <iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>