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Thread: No comments??

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    No comments??

    What the hey? I'm seriously thinking about getting the T-Mobile Dash; and no one here has commented on it? C'mon, I need your help.

    I'm going to dump my Samsung i600 relic. The QWERTY keyboard looks a bit appealing; I'm getting tired of using 12 keys to enter the alphabet. I prefer the flip phone factor, but I haven't seen anything within my price range that has QWERTY and flip.

    The Motorola Q has very mixed reviews, with a lot of people dumping on it; so I'm very disinclined toward that one. From what I've read, the T-Mobile Dash rates highly. I'd like someone's opinion on the Dash as well as T-Mobile's service. Thanks!
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    Hello i have the blackberry pearl and its ok but its just another blackberry so today im taking it back and getting the Dash. From what i read it sounds like a good device. it does alot more than the pearl.

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    I have heard good things about the Dash. If you are happy with T-Mobile service, the Dash is top of the line in terms of features and even includes WiFi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmihalk
    I have heard good things about the Dash. If you are happy with T-Mobile service, the Dash is top of the line in terms of features and even includes WiFi.
    I totally agree. With the Wifi, EDGE, BT, keyboard.... this is the best smartphone. However, a note or place to write will be a big plus.

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    I don't like the Smartphone O/S; I like the full mobile 5 and the touch screen capabilities along with the better variety of applications available.

    One of the perks of my jobs is the opportunity to play with just about every new phone that comes out. Recently in the last couple of months I have hacked and played with both the Q and the Dash. Of the two I would go with the Dash, it's a bit slimmer and the battery life seems to be a lot better. However if you do go with the T-mobile Dash I suggest you do a bit of hacking, T-mobile with their infinite wisdom took a phone that was ok and purposely made it garbage. Their biggest offence is that they turned the jogbar in to a volume only control, so restore that and you get a navigation wheel... there are a few other helpful hacks too - but that's for a different thread. As far as T-mobile's service, I must say they have very good price packages but I have about 300 customers that I deal with that hate them, their company is just locked in to a contract so they have no other option for now. I too dislike them from previous experience, and the one thing that hasn’t changed over the years in my area is spotty coverage, horrible dead zones and a lot of dropped calls. Now to be fair I have friends in other areas of the country that use T-Mobile and they do not have as many problems with their coverage, so I would poll locals in your area to see how they feel about T-Mo...

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    I have T-mobile and the price is perfect and my area I dont have a problem what so ever with minutes or anything..

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