I have had some difficulties with my Kyocera 7135. It does not sync properly and its performance has been less than impresive. My IT guy has given up hope.

I think alot has to do with the work environment. We work in a Windows based system. Interface with the Palm is not going that well.

I am just about to give up on it. I have heard that there is a recall on the phones because they do not work properly. Have you heard about anything like this?

I live in Canada. I like the PDA phone idea but I have not been able to find much that meets my needs. Any ideas. I think a Micrsoft product would work best.

They keep pushing the Threa but it looks old and out of date. I have heard that Audiovox has a new one is coming out soon.

Do you have nay ideas that make work for someone in Canada?

I would appreciate any help.

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