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Thread: Voice Dialing

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    Question Voice Dialing

    I just received my 600 (with camera) from verizon to replace my much loved Kyocera 7135. I have not been able to find a voice dialing application of this phone, can any of you tree 600 veterans explain to me what I am missing. The tree 600 manual says something about "Voice Gear" an extra service, but the verizon website states that its not availbale, is the a real hands frre phone with voice dialing?? And finaly, the head sets I have do not work with the treo only the one that was sent, the one with the click button on the mic, seems to work, is this normal as well?

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    There are two options for voice dialing.

    Voice Dialer Pro

    Yes, it's possible that certain headsets not to work. It depends whether the headsets are meant for cell phones with a standard 2.5mm headset jack. Nokia uses a non-standard headset jack, which was what the Treo 300 had.

    The Treo 600 has the standard 3 barrel (2 bands) headset jack.
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