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    Treo 600 and 7135 on same computer?

    I have had a treo 600 for about 6 months now on the verizon network. I had a 7135 before that. When i switched phones I deleted palm desktop and all software for my 7135 off my comp, and installed the palm desktop from the treo. I have had the misfurtune of being sent out on buisness to areas that have only analog service (very remote). So I plan on using my 7135 on buisness trips and swtich back to my 600 at home... My question is.. is it possible to connect both phones using the software given for the treo on the same comp?

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    palm desktop is virtually the same across the palm phones. the palm desktop is pretty universal...

    having said that, you can also sync two phones as well. you need to set up two different profiles and your set. then, when yu want to sync one of your phones, make sure you are using the correct profile or you will delete the info on the phone..

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