My father gave me his 650 when he got the latests one out there.

I only use the phone to watch movies, music, play games, and text-call etc.

I am using a old emulator to play games on the phone.

I will never!! go online or email of any of those other apps it has, like downloads, memos, mms(whatever that is) sms (i think this is text mess so i should keep it.), web, welcome, wireless sync, calculator, quick tour, tasks, world clock etc.

Is there away to remove this stuff and free up the memory on the machine? the games are on sd cards, but the core runs on the phone. I dont need these and dont want to accidently use one of them.

It is going to be used as a mp3 player mostly, and I want to mod it to take a 3.5 jack, since the 2.5 on sucks. I plan to get the flat antenna, and paint the body of the phone. but I need to mod a 3.5 stero jack to it. the one on the bottom is very poorly built.

any help?

I have a GPS so I dont need that either.