Hi Everyone,

Just posting here, because this seems like the more active site for Palm phones and the one I perused the most (after moving off the great, much missed 7135). My 650 after 4 years of sturdy service is finally biting the big bit and I'm being forced to move on <sniff>. I'm sure this may have been discussed ad naseum at some point... I've been a long time reader and recommended this site over the years to any smartphone users I encountered. I've also received *alot* of help over the years, so much so that (as you can see) I hardly ever had to post. My old 650 was running so well, I hadn't had the chance to do more than check out this forum on occasion the last year or so.

My research the last few days is leading me over to the "dark side" as they say - to Blackberry. After 4 years with the same sturdy phone, my current choices are basically a slightly improved version of the 650 (add EVDO as the major upgrade). Most technology platforms should see a 100% overhaul within 2 years (if not sooner). My major decision - Blackberry or Treo - became apparent after some research. I think Palm is going away - they don't seem to innovate their product and after being known as a stable ahead of the curve platform they lag significantly behind every major company in their product.

As much as I grew to love the 650, the major complaints of chunky size, lack of good integration with Outlook, voice dialing and bluetooth integration - I see that 4 years later - those all still exist - and (unless I go to Sprint) I can't even get a more stylish look (I am a longtime Verizon user). Yes, I know I can buy voicedialing, and everyone I know on palm uses datebk. I never got used to Datebk and once I had to migrate to Outlook for contacts and appts it became moot. Palm should take a lesson from Apple, look at the change in 4 years from the iPod - the number of varied types and features spawned from that one design - making consumers *want* to buy newer products - instead of, why should I move off what I'm used to - it works and I'm not getting a whole lot more for that "new phone price" cost.

Anyways, didn't mean to rant, just sad that after years of service with Palm as my platform for smartphones (7135 to 650), I'm going to Blackberry, because after my research and admittedly desire to stay on a Palm, I want a phone that will be around, supported and innovative moving forward - Blackberry seems to be doing that, Palm isn't. I'll miss the Treo and this forum.

Thanks for many years of help and information. Maybe someday I'll be back to read and post in some future Treo (800? 900?) but for now..

RIP 650 - I'll miss u.