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    Oracle Calendar Sync


    I had my Sprint Treo 600 from the first days they shipped and just got my Treo 650. Love the screen. Love the blue tooth. Didn't love data that didn't sync on backup and restore, but can live with that.

    I'm getting frustrated with the Oracle Calendar sync. Has anyone else gotten the Oracle Calendar Palm sync software to work. I get it to install, but the Treo reboots duing the sync of calendar items.


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    Hello Chris,
    The problem is that Oracle does not support the Treo650 and plans to support it is going to be in June/July. The only way you can get this to work is to do a hard reset on the phone and then install Oracle Sync first, do your sync and then install all the other applications. I've noticed that Oracle Sync requires a substancial amount of memory to initiate the first Full Sync and that seems to be the main problem. I've also seen that the damn device does not like to sync "confidential and Personal" appointments. This is an issue that I've tried to raise with Oracle and their answer is: "The Treo 650 is not certified and you can log this as an enhancement." This is great customer service and I truely believe that CSSetup was a much better product.


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