I bought a new 650 last week at the Sprint store, and I mostly love it. I just have a few complaints. To me, coming from the I330, it seems like the phone's volume isn't quite as loud as I'd like it to be, or least on a par with what I'm used to on the I330. Even with the speakerphone enabled, it doesn't get that much louder. Any one else finding that they'd like to boost the volume a bit, especially in a noisy environment?

Next, one of the biggest reasons I moved up from the I330 was to get a newer OS and a better web browser. The Blazer does have some improvements, and it seems far faster than the one on the 330. However, it still has doesn't maintain its positioning in the middle of a page when you go back to previously viewed pages, as a normal browser does. In fact, it often re-retrieves the page again, which is especially bad on forums or message boards, which I often go to. Now here's the biggest problem that I wanted to see if others with the 650 have as well. If I try to go the following web page:


I almost never can get there. The browser goes from sending to retrieving mode, and almost always never retrieves anything (it just stays in retrieving mode for a minute or 2 and then gives up, saying "the page download could not be completed".). Even on the very rare occasion that it does get to the page, I can't login at all (using the login link on the page). That page either never loads, or does nothing when I attempt to login. You might think that this is a web page problem, but I can access it freely from the I330 and the older Blazer browser or the Eudora browser on it. For this problem, Sprint level 2 support is no help at all. They maintain that they only support web pages accessed from their main Sprint web site - the one that is the default Blazer home page (isn't that nice). Anyway, can some of you try to access this page and see if you get anywhere with it? BTW, I have also downloaded an alternative browser, XIINO, and it can access this page just fine. In fact, in almost all respects, it seems superior to the Blazer browser, and it's really fast. However, I'm having problems with it an getting to an HTTPS site (I've emailed them about it).

Other than this browser problem and the slight complaint I have about the volume, I really like the device. If someone has a particular question about how it works, shoot me a question. Hopefully, though, someone will find out what's wrong with the one URL above. Thanks.