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    Question Voice Dialing with ACT 6.0

    Hello there!

    I searched for this but found no results.

    I am trying to use ACT 6.0 on my TREO 650 as the sole contact database. I have already installed ACT 6.0 for Palm, synchronized it and updated to the latest patch. No problems so far (200 contacts), and the dial option now works but...

    *** Mainly, I'd like to use Voice Recognition Dialing through ACT, but cant figure out how to set it up (if it even works!) ***

    Outlook was easy and Voice Rec. works okay using the TREO 650 Voice Dialing Program on the web, but it did have problems with words like "Mobile", contacts with multiple phone numbers and subfolders in Outlook!.

    I would rather not use Outlook as it is a one file .pst system compared to ACT's separate filing system for contacts and e-mail.

    I am sure there are other options out there as far as sync'ing up, voice recognition or perhaps even Contact Management Software.
    And I am up for any other options because ACT 2005 has been declared a disaster.

    I did sign up for SprintPCS Voice COmmand as well at $5/mo.
    But watch out! After you sign up online, it tells you that it will be activated next billing cycle!!! We'll see how that goes compared to TREO Voice Dialing.

    Soooo, any comments would be greatly appreciated.
    And if I can be of any help to anyone else, feel free to PM me, it will E-mail me automatically.
    In addition, by trade I am a Computer Network & Security guy, so if you have any questions in that regard, feel free to post on my site: http://www.technicalblog.com (as a trade off of sorts! Not an advertisement, God knows I don't need anymore support traffic!!! )

    Thanks in advance!

    Sincerely, Dave, the long winded...
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    Well, guess nobody has worked with this one.
    ACT Tech Support has been of no help. And I have posted elsewhere but to no avail.

    It looks like Outlook is gonna have to be the solution (with extra backup) for me.

    Perhaps with an Exchange Back. The sync and the voice command works pretty well with Outlook.
    Plus, ACT 2005 is supposed to be pretty bad.
    The Exchange client will allow me access to other clients networks as well. And seeing as how the Treo 650 can sync up to multiple databases, Ii guess the answer is clear, I jus tdidn;t want to use Microsoft!!!

    Well, hopefully this helps some poor soul out there in the future, and if anyone does find any voice command solutions through ACT, feel free to PM me.


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