I read another entry, and my problems are similar. I unfortunately have a non functional CD rom drive, so I was given the Sprint Treo CD via an FTP site that was provided by Good Technologies ( I use their software for access to Exchange mail).

Palm software appears to load fine, and upon first sync attempt, I get a new hardware popup on the system tray. After choosing the automatic driver install, it says that the system has successfully installed.

When I press the sync button on the device, the Hotsync UI comes up, but does not change. Furthermore, there is no Hotsync UI that comes up on the desktop.

I need the sync to work so that I can reload Good Software, as well as all other peripherals to the device.

Spent the last 3 nights with tech from Good, but not yet with PALM. Any insights, or does anyone know where I can get reliable tech?

Thanks, PW