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    Hot Sync Cable Problem?

    Apparently leaving the hotsync cable plugged in causes my computer heartburn. With the cable still plugged in and without the 650 connected, I get a popup box at the lower right corner by the system tray that says "USB Device Not Recognized". It will stay there for a moment and then go away only to show up again a few minutes later. This can also happen with the 650 connected and idle, but not as often. I wouldn't care except that yesterday morning the computer stopped recognizing the 650 at all. After several reboots it still would not respond to the hotsync button press. First I did a hard reset. No cigar. Then I had to uninstall and then reinstall the palm software. Any ideas?? It is working now, but for how long??? I still get the messages.

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    I have the same problem as well. I think it might be a faulty cable. Holding the cable snug to the 650 seems to alleviate the problem most of the time. I think this cable is definitely a step back from the one included with the Treo 600.

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    I have to do cable gymnastics with my 600 too. I dont get the recognition problem, but unless I hold the cable in a particular angle (at the PC end, not the 600 end), it doesn't reliably sync. Perhaps all these cables are a bit too cheaply made.

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