i would really appreciate if people who use aol on their palm with versamail help me. i try to use it and it works but it is very slow. how do you set it up to work smooth and fast. all i really want is to be ablw to check my aol mail from my treo. i dont want it to sync when i hotsync etc. i just want to see what emails i have and read them. i would hope that each one i open and read, or delete, will do the same on the server. so that when i get home, i only see new emails i havnt pulled on my treo. is this all possible. i want it to work like the aol prc program i have used in the past. that worked perfect. it pulled all mail and when i opened or deleted one on my treo, i could actual see it disappear on my aol when i had it opened on my laptop in front of me, etc. i dont use te aol on my treo 650 b.c it crashes after a while. it worked on my treo 600 but not sol clean on my treo 650
please help
pm me if you can help