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    Picture Mail Problem

    I am having problems connecting initially to the picture server. When I try to upload a first picture in order to set a picture mail password, I get an error message: "Failed to connect to online pictures server. Please try again. I am otherwise able to connect to the web. I have spent countless hours on the phone with up to a "tier 1000" level sprint technician and no one can figure this out. I hard reset and even had them give me a new phone. Nothing allows me to make that initial connect with the online pictures server. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Solution ID: 30673

    MMS. Connection failed.

    This error can occur when the MMS (Picture Mail) application on your Treo smartphone tries to send a message but hasn't been set up properly.

    Make sure you have GPRS and MMS. These services are necessary for sending MMS messages. Contact your mobile service provider to add these items to your account. Your mobile service provider will send an Over The Air (OTA) message that configures your smartphone automatically.

    Don't modify the MMS Connection Settings. Unless you're positively sure what you're doing, don't alter the MMS Preferences for Connection Settings. These settings are configured by your mobile service provider; if you change them, you may encounter unexpected charges on your mobile service account as the MMS application attempts to connect to the dial-up network. If you don't have GPRS, we recommend either adding it to your mobile account, or not using MMS, in order to avoid unexpected charges.
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