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    Sprint will not repair Treo 650!?!

    Some friendly advice for all you T650 users out there...sign up for the replacement coverage for your investment ($5/mo on sprint)

    I received my T650 a week ago and have been loving it...but then today my wife drops it on the floor, just a 3 foot drop, and the LCD screen gets shattered!!! This thing is waaaay too fragile. Now I have a $600 paperweight. Anyone want a nice leather case? Mine is somewhere in transit and I guess I won't need it when it arrives in a day or two.

    I called Sprint customer service, then their service center in Honolulu and the tech there told me, GET THIS, that they DO NOT REPAIR Treo 650's!!! He told me that I cannot get my screen replaced and that I would have to get a NEW phone. What a load of crap that is.

    I called Palmone to see if they could repair the 650...basically the same answer. He said it was due to their contract with Sprint...that all repairs would have to be handled through Sprint. That would be fine if Sprint actually did repairs.

    So, the lesson here is, don't pass on the $5/mo coverage from Sprint because if ANYTHING happens to your extremely delicate investment, your out of luck unless you have the skill to do your own repairs, AND can manage somehow to get spare parts, which neither Sprint or Palmone could get for me either.

    Anyone out there have the ability to get your hands on a replacement screen for the 650? I sure hate to just toss this thing in the wastebasket.

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    Check your PM.

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    Hey help the rest of us.... any new news

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