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    Watch out for contacts with January birthdays!!!

    If you have contacts with January birthdays and reminders that go back to 2004, you will probably experience the phone going sluggish and the inability to turn the display off.

    This is a bug. Change the reminder time so that it doesn't go back to 2004; for example, if you have a contact with birthday on January 5th (birth year doesn't matter), and a reminder of 7 days, either disable the reminder or change it to back only 4 days.

    Sprint tech support has received several calls with this, and they told me to try setting the phone's calendar back to 2004. That worked and I figured out the birthday thing from there. I have called them back to tell them the resolution so hopefully PalmOne fixes this in a later update to the phone.
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    I totally agree with you on this.
    Infact I was just saying this in the "wake up" problems thread earlier.

    thank raul

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