I'm thinking of getting this phone. Is Sprint the preferred carrier in LA? Sprint's minimum monthly charge these days is $35/month. That's according to a sales guy in the local Sprint store. Plus it's $5 for unlimited calls from 7 pm rather than 9 pm. Plus $15/month for web access after the first two months (when it's free). They'll sell me the 650 for a slight discount but only if I sign up for a 2 year agreement. Are those the prices other new cell phone buyers would expect to pay for a new phone? Are there better channels to get the phone or should I just mosie (like a sucker?) into the local Sprint PCS store and write out a check?

I'm thinking of changing my land line phone number with Verizon to a cell phone. Don't own a cell. I never have. So, I'm a newbie.

But I've been doing some reading. Does the 650 support EVDO with Sprint in Los Angeles?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!