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    Bluetooth Car CD/MP3 Player

    Hey Guys & Gals considering getting a Treo 650. It sounds great so far. Even thou I love my I500 not sure yet on what to do.

    I haven't see this mention before and was wondering what you guys think of it. A Bluetooth Car CD/MP3 Player by 8Com Wireless.

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    I couldn't figure out the use for it until I started reading a little bit. I didn't realize its an indash car cd/mp3 player with built-in bluetooth, for those without built-in bluetooth in their cars. Pretty cool if it works with the Treo 650.

    You should buy a Treo 650 and this Car CD/MP3 player and try it. Let us know if it works

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    I guess its a car stereo, Cd player, and also a handsfree kit for your cell phone...

    I assume one would hear the person on the phone blasting through the car stereo speakers, while a microphone placed somewhere strategic would record what the people in the car are saying.

    IMHO what makes or breaks this product is the quality of these 3 features:

    -Noise suppression microphone with optional extension input
    -Echo cancellation by high performance ASIC DSP
    -Full Duplex, allowing both parties to talk at once

    If the person on the other end doesn't hear themselves echo, and can hear what you say crystal clearly... then I want one =)

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