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Thread: Voice tags

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    Voice tags

    We have the bluetooth Jabra 250 and the Motorola headsets. After talking to both manufactures and Sprint as well, we've come the conclusion that the phone does not do voice dial because tags cannot be recorded. The manual talks about voice tags; but even the tech guys can't figure out how to do it.

    The Treo 650 needs to be able to record voice tags on the phone. Sprint tells us that the headset should record these (which is not possible). The headset companies tell us that the voice tags must be recorded on the phone (which makes the most sense as this is how other phones work). Each points the finger at the other and sends you in a frustrating circle.

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    I have seen a couple of posts like this. I dont understand how the headset would give the phone voice dialing capibilities when the phone itself doesnt have voice dial capibilites (Actually it does, using Voice Dial by Voice Signal, but its a 3rd party app). Am I missing something here about BT headsets?

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