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    Treo 650 power in Europe

    Next month I will be in Europe (Moscow and Paris) on business. I (hopefully, maybe, who knows) should have my Treo 650 from Vienna Channels by then. Although the Treo 650 will be a CDMA model for the Sprint network -- and thus I know it will not operate as a phone while I'm over there -- I still would like to use it as a Palm device. With my Kyocera 7135, all I need to do is use a plug adapter: no transformer or converter is necessary. As for the Treo, I don't know.

    And by the way, the power requirements of Paris is 230 volts/50 Hz and in Moscow is 220 volts/50 Hz.

    So the basic question is, what will I need to charge the battery of my Treo 650 while I am in Paris and Moscow?

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