Now I frickin' KNOW this will work, because I did it last week! I'm the guy who when he synced for the first time the desktop manager basically screwed everything up by installing 600 components on top of the 650 Palm OS.

Sooooooo... I did a hard reset. Wiped the little bugger.

But now, when I am attempting to set things up, while I can pair the computer and the phone, whatever happened automatically to creat the appropriate Bluetooth Serial Port isn't happening, and I cannot seem to get it to fly manually, either.

When it WORKS, somehow an INCOMING port called "Bluetooth-PDA-Sync" is created. That's also the type, BTW.

When I try to create a port, the service the computer wants to create is a OUTGOING port called "OBEX Output Push"

Unless I can set up the right kind of port, I cannot select the appropriate connection setting in HotSync Manager. ARRRRRRRGH!

Please help.