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    Kyo 7135 to Treo 650 - First Sync Q

    I have just ordered the Treo 650 as a replacement to my 7135 and want to ensure my data transfer to the 650 does not cause me numerous hours of delay and frustration. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide to transferring the data so that an idiot like me can do it without much hassle?

    Much thanks!


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    whatever you do, don't just sync your I500 stuff with your 650, that will cause major problems (files/settings from the I500 that are incompatible with the 650 will be transferred to your 650 and you obviously don't want that). here is a basic guide:

    1. sync your 650 for the 1st time and when the software asks to select a username, give it a new username (don't use the one on the I500).
    2. beam over your contacts and datebook stuff from the I500. sync.
    3. go into the backup folder for your i500's username and you will see a list of all the programs you have on your I500. double-click on the ones you want installed on the 650. a window will appear asking you to select the username you want to install for, select the username you created for the 650. sync.

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