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    Versamail & Sprint BC Personal

    I am not sure if this has been discussed in another thread, if so, I apologize (I do not have the time to search thousands of posts).

    I recently purchased the Treo 650 with Sprint PCS. I have setup the Sprint Business Connect (BC) to push email to my Treo. It works fine, but I am not sure if the calendar works as I would like it to. I can view the calendar on my Treo, but I do not believe I can add meeting dates on my Treo and have it update with Outlook on my desktop. Additionally, the Treo came with Versamail installed and i thought I could use Versamail to read my emails that were pushed from the Spring BC. Maybe I am completely misunderstanding how the Versamail works.

    The long and short of it is, I would like to send and receive emails, update my calender from my Treo, view contacts, accept meeting requests, everything you can do in outlook. I would like to do this on my treo in realtime. I thought the Sprint BC would do this, I am not sure how Versamail works, I thought this was an interface for Business connect. Also, I like the calendar function that comes with the Treo, for some reason it has pulled in birthdays from my company's calendar (the company posts everyones birthday on the calendar) but has not pulled in my meetings or other items. My meetings are viewable in the Sprint BC but I cannot update or add new dates on my Treo and have them reflect in Outlook.

    I am completely new to the Treo and for all I know these are easy items to fix, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Versamail is not in anyway related to Sprint BC. Versamail is a separate email client that you can use instead of BC.

    As far as the other functionality you are seeking, the only software that I am aware that allows you to accomplish that is Goodlink, which is quite pricey (but very good) and requires software installed on a Microsoft Exchange Server.

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