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Thread: Parrot GPS

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    I am using a parrot CK3300 bluetooth car kit with GPS receiver with my treo 650. I have installed Tom Tom Navigator 2004 with the patch from Tom Tom for the treo 650 but have not been able to get the treo 650 to recognize the gps receiver in the Parrot car kit. The speaker phone connection works beautifully through my car speakers, but every time I launch Tom Tom, the car kit shows a connection as a headset instead of a GPS receiver. Has anyone had this experience?

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    I am unfamiliar with the Parrot car kit but does it communicate with the Treo via Bluetooth? In general, only one Bluetooth device at a time can communicate with the 650 so if you have the bluetooth speakerphone on (even if you aren't using it), the GPS will not be recognized. You need to turn the bluetooth speakerphone off so that the 650 can recognize the GPS. As I mentioned, I am not familiar with the Parrot setup so maybe they worked around this issue somehow but give what I suggested a try and reprot back.

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