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    Multiple Synching multiple Calendars - can anyone help?

    I'm looking to buy Treo 650s for my wife and myself. We have one pc at home running XP Pro. I also have a pc at work. Here is what we would like to accomplish.

    ē Contacts and Calendar - We would like to both be able to synch so that:
    o On our pc we have 3 versions of each (mine, herís, and ours)
    o On our palm we have 2 versions of each (ours and mine/herís)
    ē To-dos and Memos
    o On our pc we have 2 versions of each (mine and herís)
    o On our palm we have 1 version of each (mine/herís)
    ē E-mail
    o On our pc we synch with our respective mailbox (mine and herís)
    o On our palm we have 1 versions of each (mine/herís)
    o It would be a bonus if I could synch both my home and work e-mail on my device using the connect as an Exchange client feature.

    I would be happy to do this with Outlook or any other program. Any idea if it is possible. We can't be the first family that is trying to accomplish this.

    Thanks, Jordan

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    I use multiple calender's for myself using Chapura's PocketMirror Pro conduits and Outlook 2003 along with Datebk5. Basically I have multiple calender's in outlook and have each one synced under a separate catagory. Datebk5 supports catagories for calender events and so I can view either calender (or both at once). Pocketmirror comes with a Palm calender that supports catagories so you don't need to get DateBk5 (though it is awesome). I'm sure you can catagorize todo's and memo's in the same way. You'll have to look into the email stuff yourself though, take a look at Chapura's site and look through the Pocketmirror info to see if that'll help.

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