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    Versamail vs. Snappermail vs. Chattermail

    I recently purchased a Treo 650 and love it so far. However, I am having a problem with Versamail. It constantly fails to sync and deliver my email messages. I currently have it synced to my work email which is through an Exhange Server. I use Exhange Activesync as my method of connection and have it checking every five minutes. For some reason periodically it fails to sync and shows an error message. I need an email program that can connect to Exchange Server without a seperate program running on my desktop and that can sync with my calendar as well (not through hotsyncing). Does any know how well Snappermail and/or Chattermail works compared to Versamail? There is currently a calendar program that shipped with my palm and I am able to see my calendar through that format. Does Snappermail and/or Chattermail work through this program?

    Thanks for any help. If there is a thread(s) that deals with this can someone provide a link in the responses.

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    Snappermail and Chatter are email only programs, no calendar support. Sprint offers Business Connection and Cingular offers Xpress Mail, both of which I believe have calendar support but do require running a program in the background on your desktop.

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