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    MS Smartphone or Treo 650?

    Hello all,

    I'm a diehard PocketPC / MS Smartphone fan, I've been using these devices for years. When it comes to anything PDA, I've always used MS devices.

    Palm has always intrigued me but I never bothered looking into it much beyond the box. The PocketPC always seemed to have more cool software available to make my life easier. Also, I require Terminal Services to perform my job functions and only the MS Pocket PC has this . . . at least I thought, until now! I found this cool program called RemotePlus that is a Term Services (aka RDP) client for the Palm OS. VERY COOL.

    Now I'm really conflicted about whether to ditch my MPx220 Smartphone & IPAQ for a PalmOS-powered smartphone. I have a Treo 650 borrowed from work for a short time and it seems really KICK ASS but I'd like some opinions from some other folks before I drop another $500 on a phone, and I have a few questions about the PalmOS, since this is my first experience with it.

    Can I sync the Treo 650 with two computers? That's really important.

    Anyone have experience with the Treo650 on Cingular? How's the data speed?

    Can I get a VPN (PPTP or IPSEC) client for the Treo?

    I see some other posts that VoiceSignal is available for the Treo -- does it work well? I *LOVE* VoiceSignal on my MPx220

    Thanks all!

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    1) Yes.

    2) Data seems to run around 56-90kbps (I didn't bandwith test so that is a "feels like" assumption). btw I am using a Treo on Sprint right now, the data seems to generally be somewhat faster, by maybe about 20%.

    3) I have not tested this one : Antha VPN (formerly called Movian)-http://www.anthavpn.com/antha/en/index.html. One other post states that the former version, Movian, did not work on the 650 however.

    4) VoiceSignal does work well with the palm (although not through bluetooth - not their fault, it's a problem with Palm's bluetooth stack). Without the bluetooth support, I find little reason to use it since the time it takes to place a call is usually much greater than what it takes to look it up and place it. I understand that this same issue exists with MS Smartphone too.

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    2) From what I read in other forums, average speed is 70-150kbps. Mine is getting 105kbps in my area.

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    A couple of takes:

    I also have and remain a MS/Smartphone advocate BUT I gotta tell you Palm figured this one out.

    See my other post at Treo 650 vs. PPC-660x

    A note on connect speeds jhawk was right 100+kkps!!

    Also, the software to view and edit MS Excel, Word and PPT comes with the device.

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