I currently iuse Versamail as my email program. I have it setup to use Exchange Activesync my work Exchange Server and have it checking for mail every 5 minutes (although it seems to get them instantly). I like to format and the fact that it syncs my calender as well. However, there are a few quirks/bugs that I would like help with.

1. When I am using the phone on the Treo 650 and hang up after a phone call. There are occasions where I get an alert indicating that versamail failed in its schedule of getting my emails. I read somewhere in the manual that you cannot get emails while you are on the phone. However, what I do not understand is why the Treo cannot figure out to wait until I am off the phone to do its scheduled download (assuming the scheduled sync occcurs while I am on the phone). Once I get the error message I have to clear the alert and manually sync my email to make sure it is back on its usual schedule. Are there any patched or remedies for this issue.

2. There are days where the Treo does not sync in the morning (I have my Treo set to check every 5 minutes between 6 AM and 11 PM). I know for a fact I should have 2 emails waiting for me in the morning (online news service). When I do a manual sync it downloads them just fine. Does this occur because it has not checked in such a long time, despite the schedule I have setup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.