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    Question Sync w/multiple computers (Plz Help)

    In a nutshell...

    Ive been using HotSync with my MAC at work. No problems, everything is working well with the PALM Desktop. I have just gotten a new iBook at home and now want to sync my data to it as well. Only I do not want to use the PALM desktop software. I want to sync with my iCal and Apple address book. (I'm also a pretty cheap, so if this can be done without purchasing MissingSync I'd be very happy.) According to everything I've read, Apple's iSync should work.

    I've downloaded & installed the iSync Palm condiut and all the necessary Palm software to my new computer. I then created a user. (Same name as I use on my work computer.) I then used HotSync to prepare Apple's iSync. Everything looked good. After all that was done, I still couldn't sync at home.

    Any suggestions and help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    Any suggestions and help would be appreciated, thanks.
    Yea, Get a PC.

    Couldn't resist.

    I know the Windows conduit has a setting for Syncing to two PC's, sounds like the Apple one does not.

    I would try a search on TreoCentral

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    Is it possible to sync on two computers where one is a Mac and one is a PC?

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