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    Versamail..Error code 550 5.7.1

    I'm getting a Error code when I try to reply to an e-mail.

    550 5.7.1 Relaying not allowed

    Do i have a setting wrong? I had replied to a couple emails before this error started?

    Any help?
    It's on now

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    How to set up SMTP assuming you have Sprint...

    Sprint has recently changed its system with regard to outgoing mail.
    You have to use Sprint's smtp servers to send outgoing mail from you phone.

    You need to know your Sprint PCS username and account password. You may have to call customer service if you don't have them.

    Here are the steps to do it:

    1) Go to versamail.
    2) Hit the menu button (top hard button on right).
    3) Select "accounts".
    4) Select "account" setup.
    5) Select the account.
    6) Select "edit".
    7) Select "next".
    Select "next".
    9) In Outgoing Mail Server enter"smtp.sprintpcs.com"
    10) Select "next".
    11) Select "advanced".
    12) Select "next.
    13) Check "use authentication".
    14) Type in usernameyour username)
    15) Click on Password and typeyour password)
    16) Click "done"

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    Damn emoticons.....

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    I have the same issue, but with Verizon. Does anyone know the server and user/pass for them. On my old 7135 I think it was something with "airbridge" in it. Thanks for the help.

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    From the SnapperMail ISP support page (I work for them part-time):

    SMTP Server: smtp.vzwmail.net
    Username: [your 10-digit cellphone number followed by @vzwmail.net]
    Password: [your password that you set up on the vtext.com webpage]

    Verizon sometimes assigns you a temporary password in certain circumstances. Some people have reported that they can suddenly, without changing anything, no longer send Email messages using Verizon's SMTP server. A possible cause for this is that the temporary password has expired. You should go to the www.vtext.com web site to attempt resetting the password. If that fails, then you will need to contact Verizon support directly.

    Also note: Sometimes it can take a few hours (as many as six in a few cases) for the account and password to get set up and become active in Verizon's systems. If your attempts to use their servers don't work right away, wait a few hours and try again.

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