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    Kyocera 7135 Killer

    I currently use a Kyocera 7135 and have been waiting anxiously for the next generation phone that would best the 7135. From my readings on the Treo 650, it appears that my wait will be over when the Treo works with Verizon.

    Please tell me if these points are correct:

    1. The Treo can be used as a speakerphone with voice activated dialing with the VoiceSignal software. You can actually dial speaking the person's name or actually saying the phone number that you would like to call.

    2. With Blueberry technology, I could buy the Parrot CK3100 carkit and use the Voicesignal software in the car without ever having to plug my phone in anywhere -- it would all be done wirelessly.

    3. The Treo is 10x faster than the 7135.

    4. The Treo screen is 320x320-- MUCH better and sharper than the 7135.

    5. The battery lasts much longer than the 7135

    6. Newer operating system

    7. Verizon doesn't even carry the 7135 anymore

    The only downside to the Treo is that it doesn't have the clamshell design that the 7135 has. But considering all of the benefits, I feel that I can definitely live without the clamshell.

    Does anyone agree or disagree with these conclusions?

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    I made the switch from a 7135 to a 650 (actually two 650's...spouse got one, too.) I went to Sprint because of the cheap unlimted data use compared with the cost at Verizon. I really did not want to switch carriers, but everything turned out fine--I'm happy with my 650, happy with Sprint, and I was not forced to pay the early termination fee with Verizon because I complained that by ending my ability to use minutes for data they had done a de facto change in the terms of my contract/usage without my permission. But that's another story...

    I'll address your list by points:

    1. Yes. The Voice Signal product is excellent and works with almost no training.

    2. I don't know about the particular car kit you mention. I don't use one.

    3. The Treo FEELS 10x faster, but I don't know what the real increased speed factor might be. It's even better with the updated Sprint firmware.

    4. Absolutely YES. The screen is beautiful.

    5. Yes, the battery lasts longer...and if it should die, you won't lose all your data due to the way the newer Palm OS design.

    6. Yes.

    7. I don't think you can buy a 7135 from Verizon, but you can get them on eBay.

    I miss the clamshell and originally thought the keyboard was stupid as I am very comfortable with Graffitti. But now that I have the keyboard, I like that I can do almost everything one handed. That is a plus.

    It took me a bit of time, but now I am very glad I upgraded.
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    Major difference between 7135 and Treo 650

    All - I have had the GSM Treo 650 for 4 days now and I am extremely happy. There are some features that I miss from the 7135 but I can learn to live without them or wait for a 3rd party application to provide the missing functions. Here is what I miss sore far from the Verizon Kyocera 7135.

    #1 Omniremote just wont work and Noviiremote has no distance. I miss this the most. Now I'm back to having 3 different remotes and I can't change the TV's at the sports bars I visit.
    #2 Sms messages recieved from email accounts do not always have the reply to email address available. Could just be a Cingular or email client issue but this is bad.
    #3 I can't schedule delivery options on the individual message such as send at 4:30 PM....
    #4 I can't set receipt options on individual messages.
    #5 Call log is lacking important details such as duration of call and type of call Data, Voice, roam (Appears to be Cingular version issue).
    #6 MP3 ringer capability should have been out of the box and the option to assign at address book level part of it.
    #7 Voice dialing should have been out of the box.
    #8 Highlight and dial feature that Kyocera has not on Treo.
    #9 Number of voice messages pending not shown.
    #10 go to address book entry feature not available during a call (for note taking)

    there is software for the treo 600 that takes care of the majority of the above items but it has not been ported to the 650 as of yet. It is called callfilter for treo600 by velocityware.

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    Sprint may be different...

    llestat has addressed some interesting Cingular issues. I can address a couple of these from a Sprint user's point of view--

    I've never used my handheld as a remote, so I can't speak to this one.

    Although Sprint is famous for yucky SMS handling, I have no problems 'seeing' addresses on messages that come from e-mail users.

    Many users are unhappy with Versamail. I didn't like it at first but I've learned to live with it. I registered Snappermail with my 7135, so I may start using it again on my 650. I didn't initially install it because I was worried about having too many apps in RAM. Since the firmware update this is not an issue.

    I agree with llestat--the call log is very rudimentary. On Sprint you can't tell how long calls lasted, only Name, Number, Date, Time and Roaming (yes or no). I use Minutes Plus to track my usage.

    I also agree that MP3 ringers and voice dial should have been included with the Treo out of the box. They were available on my 7135.

    I have recieved e-mails that included test and phone numbers. The phone numbers come in as underlined text. If I use my 5 way to move to the number or tap on it with my finger, the Treo will dial the number. Not sure how that is different from what llestat is doing...?

    No, I dont get # of voice mails notification.

    I am able to get into the calendar, address book (known as Contacts on the Treo) or any other app at the same time I am on a phone call...I can take notes or do whatever.

    So perhaps those are indeed Cingular vs. Sprint user issues....just my $.02
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    Originally posted by verngator
    I was not forced to pay the early termination fee with Verizon because I complained that by ending my ability to use minutes for data they had done a de facto change in the terms of my contract/usage without my permission. But that's another story...
    How did you manage to switch without paying the early termination?.
    VZW is also trying to 'force me' to a data plan ($45/month) and I don t really like their methods.
    If I could switch to Sprint (or congular?) without early termination fees, I think I would...
    What did you tell VZW to void the fee?

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    first, be polite...ask for a supervisor.

    I was able to cancel without penalty when I tried to switch from my 7135 to a Treo 600 and was charged per kb for data rather than pulling the minutes from our plan.

    When I bought the T600 the local sales guy set me up on MOU. I figured out a day or two later that I was being charged per kb. That's when I called VZW customer service.

    The first level person was no help, so I asked for a supervisor. Once I reached the supervisor I told her that I wanted the same usage plan for my T600 as I had for my 7135. She told me that there had been a "mistake" on my account and that Verizon never meant to offer data access for minutes of use (MOU).

    I told her that the only reason I switched to VZW back in 2003 was MOU on the 7135, and that I would never had gone to VZW had I thought that MOU would disappear and that their sales force had been selling contracts based on their so-called mistake. I told her that both the local sales rep and customer service had always given me MOU, and that changing that was equivalent to changing the terms of my contract without my permission.

    Her comeback was that I never had a "data contract", only a voice contract...so how could I accuse them of changing the terms of the agreement?

    I told her that the FCC would most certainly consider it a de facto change when I was suddenly being charged extra for something that I had always received as part of my plan.

    I emphasized that I had never hidden my data usage from Verizon. Last year I had to get a replacement 7135 when my first one took a swan dive off the top of my desk, and Verizon set up my new 7135 on MOU.

    After some discussion in which I told her that I was happy with Verizon, did really want to switch, but felt that I had been mislead from the start of my contract, she asked what I wanted to do about the situation since there was no way she could give me MOU. I told her that I wanted to cancel my contract with no early termination feel. She agreed. She gave me her name and direct phone line and told me that I would see a charge for the early termination fee, then a credit on the same statement.

    The same day I went to TreoCentral and printed out the Sprint deal on the Treo 650 and took it with me to the local Sprint store. They matched the price within $25 on our two T650's, ported the phone numbers, and were very professional...the switch was VERY smooth.

    The VZW supervisor called me a day or two later to confirm that the fee was waived. Within a week I received written confirmation of my cancellation with VZW, and when I received the bill there was no early termination fee.

    Looking back over the conversation I had with the VZW supervisor, I think the key was that I told her I only switched to Verizon and the 7135 because I was assured that I would have MOU....that I NEVER would have signed a contract for $45 per line for unlimited data access or for that matter paid per kb. I like that Sprint offers me $20 unlimited for both Treos in our family.

    I hope that helps!
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    I was using the 7135 until about a week ago... The Treo 650 is WAY better IMO. The 7135 was good, but the Treo's processor speed, design, size, capabilities, etc... make it a way better choice...

    Anyone want to buy a used 7135??

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