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    can the 650 play music through an external amplifier?

    The Treo 600 has a strange limitation that keeps it from playing music into an external amplifier.
    Details are here (toward the bottom of the "The Gadget" section).

    Apparently it mistakes the amplifier's signal for a headset earpiece, and shuts down the music, thinking that you're instead trying to use the phone (a rather broken bit of logic, but it is what it is).

    Does anybody know if the 650 has this same problem?

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    Don't have one, but have a work-around. Original problem was:
    It doesn't matter whether it's a hi-fi system or the powered speakers people use with their PCs; in all cases the input resistance of the amplifier will be greater than a kilohm, and the Treo will think that a hands-free headset is connected, and thus disable the audio. You may also find that if you have noise-cancelling headphones, or any other kind of headphone with built-in amplification, they won't work with the Treo, for the same reason. Ordinary stereo headphones or earbuds work fine, but of course you'll need to get an adapter to connect the 2.5mm jack to whatever your headphones have.
    So? Impedance-match the amp input, and Bob's Yer Uncle, it works.

    Don't know how? Find a good custom hi-fi or car-fi shop, let them do the heavy lifting for you.
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