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    Versa Mail Sync Question

    Love my new 650! I have a question regarding Versamail: Lets say I receive 5 new messages and delete them all. I click "delete on both palm and server" and then sync the changes. Unfortunately, the messages are still residing on the server! The only way they will delete from the server is when I empty the trash folder in Versamail and then sync. How can I get the messages to delete from the server by chosing "delete from pda and server" and synching without having to keep emptying the trash folder? Thanks.

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    I had similar problems. I found it works about 1/2 the time. In fact, I even deleted, sync'd and then tehy were back yet again.

    I ended up going with xpressmail which is far superior. It supports realtime sync when a new message arrives. Very cool!

    Are you on cingular? If not, sprint's is called something else, but does the same thing.

    Good luck,

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