I currently use a HP h6315, but am currently thinking of changing over to the treo. I have had both windows PDA's (pocket pc's) and also Palm OS PDA's, i am a bigger fan of the Windows based systems only because they seem to work more seemlesy with my other pc programs. But ever since i went to my pocket pc phone i had to sacrifice a good cell phone and a good pocket pc for a unit that provides the convience of both but was also a poor cell phone and a poor pocket pc. So my question is does the Treo 650 work the same is it neither a good phone or a good PDA? becuase if im going to make the switch i would like to know that im moving on to something more reliable. with my HP i found my self constantly doing soft resets b/c the device would freeze. The phone was poor sound quality and every one in 10 calls the person i was calling would here horrible feedback. The device was very slow(and i mean very!), and it could not use all of the same programs that my normal pocket pc could use. Are Treo users finding the same issues when trying to compare there Treo to say a good cell phone and a palm tungsten? Thanks for you time