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    HP 6315 or treo 650

    Hey guys, I have a quick question for you. I have a chance to either get an HP 6315 or Treo 650. Let's assume for a second that both devices are given to me as a gift. So the price is not an issue. Which would you rather have? Also assume please both devices are working properly with the latest patches etc.

    Note: both are for Cingular.

    Also I realize the opinions will be biased, but I still want to hear them. Convince me either one way or the other lol


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    I put together a sie by side for you here Treo 650 vs HP 6315

    For me the major difference would be the lack of software for the PPC. I have 12 applications that I use 20 times a day. On PPC out of those 12 apps only 9 exist and there are only 1 to 3 choices for each application out of those 9. With palm not only is there every application in existance that you could possibly think of but half a dozen choices for each application.

    There is no keyboard with PPC and the big honking keyboard you can hook to it is bulky, bulky, bulky.

    The only decent software for a keyboard on a PPC is "big keys" and it dosent do a text grab when you pull it up. So entering text on that would be a pain everyday.
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    I had both, and strongly reccomend the Treo 650. The 6315 was always buggy, and there's a new incarnation of it coming soon with a built in keyboard.

    The Treo 650's been great. The only thing that is missing for me is WIFI.

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