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    Non volatile memory

    So it seems that a big problem with the Treo 650 is the non volatile memory made programs MUCH bigger as everything had to fit in a 512kb footprint.

    Then, due to many complaints, they offered the "Treo 650 Updater" which supposedly gives you more memory as it seems to convert the footprint down to 32Kb footprints.

    My question is this: What are the speed implications of all this? I want to move to the Treo 650 so that my programs will run faster -- specifically a database program that uses a lot of individual records. Even though the Treo 650 is 300+ Mhz, is this program going to run slower due to the non volatile memory issues?

    Does anyone have any information on the speed of the memory when comparing non volatile to volatile memory?


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    I don't have any specific information but I've noticed my programs seem to run slightly faster on my 650 than on my 600, which used volatile memory.

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